What does the name "KAPLA" mean?

KAPLA stands for "KAbouter PLanjkes" which means "gnome planks" in Dutch. Did you know? The inventor of KAPLA, Tom van der Bruggen, is Dutch!

Who invented KAPLA?

Tom van der Bruggen invented KAPLA in 1987.  Tom van der Bruggen dreamt of building his own castle! In order to plan his castle, he needed to build a scale model. All of the blocks and bricks that he had were too bulky and not suitable to build all of the elements of a castle. So, he made his own and KAPLA was born! KAPLA planks are the perfect building material to create any and all architectural designs.

What age is KAPLA suitable for?

KAPLA is for ages 3+ KAPLA is fun and safe for little hands to manipulate. Starting at age 3, children will start to stack and build with KAPLA. The more time that children spend with KAPLA, the more that they will develop their building skills, creativity and imagination! KAPLA is a great activity for parents, grandparents and children to enjoy side-by-side.

Where are KAPLA planks made?

KAPLA planks are made in Morocco.  KAPLA planks are made of wood that is grown in France.

What type of wood are KAPLA planks made of?

KAPLA planks are made of a French pine wood.  KAPLA planks are made of pine wood grown in sustainable forests in the South of France

Why is KAPLA magical?

KAPLA is magical because of the incredible structures that can be built! KAPLA planks are simple! KAPLA kids of all ages can create simple structures or unbelievably complex structures using only balance and gravity.

Why KAPLA? What makes KAPLA special?

KAPLA is special because of the type of wood it is made from and the dimensions of the KAPLA planks.  KAPLA planks are made of a special pine wood grown in the south of France. There is a certain amount of resin in the wood and that is what allows KAPLA kids to build unbelievable, gravity-defying structures!  The temperament and region where the forests are is what produces this special quality in the wood. KAPLA planks are in a special 1:3:15 ratio and that is what allows KAPLA kids to construct any design that they can imagine including interesting towers, spirals, roofs, and staircases.

Does KAPLA come with an idea guide?

KAPLA products include a short booklet with building techniques.  KAPLA products include a short booklet that shows many ways that KAPLA planks can be stacked and arranged. From there, it is possible to build almost any structure! There are no instructions and no incorrect way to build with KAPLA. There are many pictures on the packaging and inside of the pamphlet to give you ideas of what to build. KAPLA kids enjoy copying the KAPLA structures that they see or making their own designs! KAPLA kids can check our idea gallery online and social media accounts for more inspiration. And, there are 4 different available for purchase to use as building guides.

How big is each KAPLA plank?

Each KAPLA plank measures about 5 x 1 x .25 inches.  Each KAPLA plank measures about 5 x 1 x .25 inches or 11.5 x 2.5 x .5 cm.

Is there a storage case? What will I receive inside of my KAPLA product?

Each KAPLA product includes a set amount of KAPLA planks. KAPLA products are available in an assortment of set sizes to meet your needs. Each product includes the same, magical wooden building planks inside of the package. Yes! The packages are designed to be used as storage for your KAPLA planks.

What is used to color the KAPLA planks?

KAPLA planks are all natural and unfinished.KAPLA planks are all natural and made from untreated wood. The KAPLA color planks are colored with a food-grade quality stain and are safe for children of all ages. KAPLA is committed to safety and quality and all products are hand-sorted.

Do you accept POs?

Yes, we are happy to accept Purchase Orders.  Schools can email or call us with purchase orders. Please call us at 843-931-8163, use the to send us a message, or email info@kaplaus.com directly and we will reply to you with assistance.