KAPLA 200 Box and 1 FREE KAPLA Art Book

Hello fellow parents and guardians,

I’m Clara, a mother of two incredible kids, an avid DIY enthusiast, and a lover of all things creative. I felt an overwhelming urge to share a remarkable discovery I made - one that turned our household from a screen-hungry hub to a thriving center of creativity: the KAPLA 200 Box.

Remember the days when toys were simple, and our imaginations were boundless? I had almost given up hope of ever finding a toy that would tear my children away from screens. That was until I stumbled upon the KAPLA 200 Box. At first glance, it seemed almost too simple. A box of wooden planks? In this age of drones and VR?

But, my friends, these aren’t just any planks

The moment we opened our KAPLA 200 Box, an immediate transformation took place. The rich, earthy smell of the sustainable Landes pine from the South-West of France filled our living room. The texture and weight of each plank felt wonderful, like holding a piece of nature in our very hands.

As my 10-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son began to stack, arrange, and balance these planks, I saw before me a growing city of wooden wonders. Castles with soaring towers, sprawling bridges, and even a surprisingly accurate rendition of our family dog, Max!

The genius of KAPLA lies in its simplicity.

No need for nails, glue, or any fasteners. The planks, beautifully crafted and identical, balance on each other, making the process as challenging as it is rewarding. 

It nurtures patience, creativity, and a deep understanding of balance and gravity.


Now, before you think this is just another toy fad, let me share the delightful cherry on this wooden cake: For a limited time, with every KAPLA 200 Box, there’s a complimentary gift - the KAPLA Art Book 1 - Red. This is not just a book; it’s a treasure trove of beginner-level KAPLA creations. It perfectly complements the box, guiding budding architects aged 6 and above.

With this book in hand, my children delved deeper into the world of KAPLA, refining their techniques, replicating designs, and eventually creating their own masterpieces. The transformation was profound. The hours they once spent on screens are now invested in creating, imagining, and learning through play.

Beyond the joy of building, KAPLA brought unforeseen benefits. The kids started collaborating without me nudging them to. They discussed, strategized, and sometimes, even negotiated (a miracle if you knew my two!).

They were learning critical life skills: teamwork, problem-solving, patience, and the joy of hands-on creation.

And you know what?

This isn’t just for the kids. After they’re off to bed, I sometimes find myself sitting down with the KAPLA set, letting my own imagination wander. It's therapeutic, a meditation of sorts, building and balancing, plank by plank.

To all my fellow parents who yearn for the golden days of creative, unplugged play: this is it. If you, like me, believe in the power of hands-on learning, in tactile experiences that nurture young minds, then the KAPLA 200 Box is a gem waiting to be discovered.

In this age, where everything feels so transient and digital, KAPLA stands out as a beacon of simplicity, creativity, and sustainability. A toy, a learning tool, a family bonding activity, and an artistic outlet - all rolled into one.

So, from one creative parent to another, I cannot recommend the KAPLA 200 Box enough. And with the KAPLA Art Book 1 - Red thrown into the mix, you're gearing up for an enriching experience that the whole family can cherish.

Sending love and creative vibes, Clara

P.S. Dive into the world of KAPLA, and you might just rediscover the childlike wonder in yourself too. Grab this limited-time offer and embark on a journey of imagination and creation.

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